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Which team from the South bracket should No. 2 seed Kansas be most worried about in its quest to reach the Final Four?

No. 1 Florida 1258 votes


No. 3 Syracuse 425 votes


No. 4 UCLA 24 votes


No. 5 VCU 23 votes


No. 6 Ohio State 17 votes


No. 7 New Mexico 505 votes


No. 8 Colorado 6 votes


No. 9 Pittsburgh 11 votes


No. 10 Stanford 15 votes


No. 11 Dayton 1 vote


No. 12 Stephen F. Austin 9 votes


No. 13 Tulsa 9 votes


No. 14 Western Michigan 7 votes


No. 15 Eastern Kentucky 402 votes


2712 total votes


William Weissbeck

The team to worry about is the team you play. Surely HCBS has learned that by now. FOX Sports had to remind me of NIU earlier this week. The lesson I wish Self had learned from that was, when in doubt - PRESS!

8 years, 5 months ago


Scott Lefler

Yup, voted for Eastern Kentucky too. I give full support to this team, as a fairly strong homer, so I give no disrespect in that vote. I just think they need to focus on the task at hand. We STILL have such a high ceiling. Regroup and Rock Chalk!!

8 years, 5 months ago


Steve Corder

Same here

8 years, 5 months ago


Martin Rosenblum

On the bandwagon too!

8 years, 5 months ago


Jonathan Allison

This poll can be taken in several different ways. It could mean simply, which team in the regional (other than KU) is the best team. The answer may be different though if you read it as which team if they face KU is the most likely to beat KU. The answer may be different still if you read it as, which team do you think will end up beating KU. The answer is different again if you read it as which team should KU be focusing on right now.

I voted for New Mexico because I interpreted the question differently from all of those.

My reasoning is this. We know who Florida and Syracuse are. Should we face them we know what we will need to do in order to win. Shortly, we need our A-game lest we get blown out. So, why worry about them, instead, if we face them just play your hearts out with reckless abandon and nothing to lose. And, after all, a matchup with either of those teams is no gaurantee. On those lines, I considered voting for EKU. A team that could give us fits, if they are hitting the long ball (they hit over 9 a game at a 40% clip), but the odds of us failing against a 15 seed are still considerably low... However, New Mexico looms as a likely 2nd round matchup. A team that we beat handily in Sprint Center, who is hot and healthy, much improved, and out for revenge.

A matchup with New Mexico is much more likely than a matchup with Syracuse or Florida. The pressure of expectations will be much higher for KU versus New Mexico than against the likely sweet 16 or elite 8 matchups. From my account UNM has the looks and feel of a very dangerous "trap" game for KU. That's why I voted for New Mexico.

8 years, 5 months ago


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