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What's plaguing KU's big men?

Spodcasters Tom Keegan and Matt Tait dive into the issues surrounding KU's big men five games into the 2016-17 season.

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Kent Richardson

Landon please sit until foot is healed.
Bragg can't stay in game long enough to get used to the banging. Due to fouls, mistakes and quick hook.
Udoka is really the big project and as other teams centers are progressing as season goes on he is not able too keep up and gap is widening.
Coleby getting PT but still not natural or explosive due to injury.
Mitch a year or two away like Doke but for different reasons. Lack of PT may make this a wasted year.

Except for Landon it's all about being on the floor enough to get over themselves and get used to new restrictions on contact.

6 years ago


Henry Joseph Hofmeister

Agreed though sad it is Landon's year. dok and bragg hopefully stay another year and develop. God I wish we still had Manning here.

6 years ago


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