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The KU Sports Hour

The Pooka Williams Hour

Following the Kansas football team’s trip to Central Michigan, which included not only the end of the Jayhawks’ 46-game road losing streak but also the highly anticipated debut of freshman running back Pooka Williams, KU football beat reporter Benton Smith leads a discussion on how Williams’ 125-yard, two-touchdown performance shapes the season going forward. Tom Keegan and Matt Tait join to react to Pooka-mania, dive into David Beaty’s job security and answer Twitter questions from KU football fans.

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Ray Winger

I think Beaty knows what he is doing, in regards to recruiting. I think that there are fewer programs that recruit late, etc. We have to be aggressive recruiting when good athletes are available and not be shy about blueshirts , or JC, or whatever. Case in point is what chance would we have had with a full recruiting season getting Hakeem Adeniji, or if he had a name that was easier to spell.

3 years, 11 months ago


David Robinett

It ain’t the X’s & O’s, it’s the Pookas and “Co”s

3 years, 11 months ago


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