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The KU Sports Hour

From Duke to Villanova: One memorable March Madness matchup leads to another

On an abbreviated edition of the KU Sports Hour, form San Antonio, KU basketball beat writer Matt Tait joins Tom Keegan and Benton Smith to discuss the Jayhawks’ memorable Elite Eight win over Duke and provide some initial thoughts on the upcoming Final Four matchup between KU and Villanova.

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Len Shaffer

A few thoughts:

Great point about the value of Svi's defense against Bagley, and I would say that Svi's shot ranks way up there among the biggest in KU history, maybe behind only Mario's.

This game against Duke may have been the best KU game I've seen on TV. Others I would put up there are the last game against Misuse; two UT games (the one where Kevin Durant had something like 25 in the first half and the classic Big XII tournament championship game, which I think went into OT); the "revenge" game against Georgia Tech the year after KU had lost to them in the Elite 8; and of course the 2008 championship game.

The best KU game I've seen in person was the '88 championship game. Two others that I would rank up there were KU losses but great games -- one against Oklahoma when Calvin Thompson had a shot from about 25 feet out at the buzzer to send it into OT, and one from the late '70s against Indiana that KU lost in OT.

As for other classics that I've been to, I would rank the '84 Orange Bowl as the best, when Miami beat Nebraska to win the championship (although it was a voted-on title at that point).

And the best game in any sport that I've seen on TV was probably the Royals' win over the A's in the wild-card game in 2014.

Finally, I really liked the discussion about how this is the "good guy coaches'" Final Four. It's nice to know that if KU ends up losing, at least you won't have to feel bad about who they lose to.

4 years, 4 months ago


Nick Rushton

Has anyone addressed how in the world we outrebounded the best rebounding team in the nation by 15 rebounds?

4 years, 4 months ago


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