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The KU Sports Hour

KU football's offense is not the problem

On this episode of the KU Sports Hour, hosted by KU football beat writer Benton Smith, the staff discusses KU football's 42-30 loss to Ohio. Topics include: The turning point of KU-Ohio (1:45-7:20), the state of the KU football offense (7:20-24:00) and defense (24:00-32:10), the football mailbag — building a program, the College Football Playoff, KU's ground game and Carter Stanley (32:10-54:00) and a Big 12 rundown (54:00-close).

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Doug Cramer

You're right. The offense will be clicking much better by season's end.

Bowen is the problem.

4 years, 11 months ago


Joe Ross

"The offense hasn't been great, but it's certainly NOT the problem."

I don't know why we're using the singular form of the noun "problem", as if there can only be *one of them!* There's no way you can look at the performance and say the offense is a not a problem.

4 years, 11 months ago


Cliff Leiker

Why are we throwing the ball right after intercepting it in the endzone? Wouldn't it have been a better play to hand it off to number 10 to move the ball to midfield. I would like to replace Bender with Carter. Carter is a dual threat QB. With the receivers we have he throws good enough. Just put the ball in play and our receivers will go up and get it. Carter can scramble and avoid some of those sacks, as well. Carter also is a gamer. We need that.

4 years, 11 months ago


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