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3-star DB Dewuan Mack exits KU football's 2022 recruiting class

Kansas University football recruiting

A senior safety from the Kansas City metro area, Dewuan Mack announced Monday his decision to decommit from the Kansas football program and reopen his recruitment.

Mack, who posted a note on Twitter to make his move known, plays at Lee’s Summit North (Mo.) and is rated a three-star prospect by Rivals.

While declaring his new direction, Mack also thanked the KU coaching staff for believing in him. In particular, Mack thanked former head coach Les Miles, who was in charge of the program when Mack committed nearly a year ago. The prospect also thanked current KU support staffers Jordan Peterson (senior defensive analyst) and Travis Partridge (offensive quality control). Peterson was KU’s safeties coach when Mack committed and helped recruit him to KU.

Prior to Mack and KU severing ties, he was the only prospect remaining in KU’s 2022 recruiting class who originally committed to KU when Miles was still the head coach.

Mack’s move marked the third time since the start of the 2021 season, the first at KU for head coach Lance Leipold, that a 2022 recruit backed out. A pair of Texas prep defensive backs, Jalon Peoples and Jacobe Chester, decommitted in September.

As of now, Leipold and his staff have five high school seniors committed in KU’s upcoming recruiting class. Three-star Alabama athlete Nikki Taylor, who committed back in April, while Emmett Jones was the interim head coach at KU, is the only recruit left who gave his pledge before Leipold took over.

The soonest any of the prospects currently tied to KU can sign and make their commitments to the program official is in December.


KU football Class of 2022 commitments

(Rivals rankings)

• Nikki Taylor — 3-star Alabama athlete

• Anthony Davis — 3-star Texas CB

• Kaleb Purdy — 3-star Missouri S

• Joey Baker — 3-star Texas OT

• James Livingston — 2-star Michigan OT


Brett McCabe

As has been the case for ten years at Kansas, recruits are going to have to really believe in the ability of this staff to right the ship or they are going to have to be kids who want to compete for a starting role on day one as freshmen.

Leipold and staff are going to have to really dig deep, and possibly get creative to get kids signed.

If Miles were still here, we’d still have only one win, stacked on no wins last year, the talk would be about Miles getting fired, and the exodus of recruits would still be there. It would resemble Beaty’s fourth year as coach, when hardly a week went by when someone wasn’t de-committing.

And the transfer portal still looms.

Leipold and staff have taken on, perhaps, the hardest rebuild in college football history. Not simply because of the epic incompetence of the staffs and administrations that preceded them, but also because of the portal. And the tougher scheduling now required by the conference.

I don’t envy the staff. But I believe that they will get this done.

7 months ago


Dirk Medema

Absolutely right about the biggest rebuild ever. I would add that fans are going to need to dig deep to continue to support the team as well.

By the portal, it would seem to imply that kids are going to continue to leave after developing here like the 3 in June. Personally, I don’t think that will continue. I think we’ll start to see the players respond to Coach Leipold’s commitment to them as they have continued to fight in games even when they’re out of reach (TTU).

What the portal and previous staff did do was commit to a youth movement (last year) which made us among the youngest teams while others were getting even more experienced than normal this year. The good news is the greater experience factor will go away and the field will return to us as we continue to gain valuable experience and development.

It’s not uncommon for the first recruiting class of a regime to be below normal. I’d expect that to be even more the case with this class getting an even later start. December could be real disappointing, though I expect they’ll make up a lot of ground by February. I wouldn’t even be surprised to see a LT or MLB added after the fact that never officially appears in the recruiting just games as has happened in the past. I think you even mentioned some 4 to play 3 JCs like Kendrick. ‘21 likely won’t be a glossy class, but we know they’ve already put a bunch of effort into the ’22 & ‘23 classes.

Does the conference require tougher schedules? It’s not evident in those of other programs. It would seem that ours is just unforeseen.
An fcs - check
A non-power5 school that should be a win - ooops. Who’da thunk?
A bottom power5 from another conference - ooops. They’re getting beat by any other team in our conference.

7 months ago


Keith Gellar the football program not using the same booster/bagmen as bball?

7 months ago


Layne Pierce

Fact is
the end of the last debacle (game) showed that some of the things Leipold and staff have been teaching are catching on, Just not enough of them.

I personally don't care if dbs decommit. I would be horrified if the oline recruits did. We simply have to get better in offensive and defensive lines if we want to be competiitive let alone good.

If a recruit would be happier somewhere else, then go for it.

I would say, as I have said before, that losing by an average of 45-7 every game, is doing nothing for recruiting.

If there's a 5 or 4 star who wants to come and likely start, play for sure, then come on down.


7 months ago


Rodney Crain

No Surprise really. The hits will keep coming too.

7 months ago


Dirk Medema

The hits will keep coming as in this won’t be the last player ever to decommit.

Benton accurately and wisely points out that this is the last recruit from the former regime. We know from the first class that some recruits opened the door simply because it was Les Miles that was knocking. As Layne says (sorta), if a player doesn’t want to play for Coach Leipold, then go somewhere else.

Once you get past the flash of the ring, I think more players are going to want to play for this crew.

7 months ago


Armen Kurdian

We can't even keep 3 star recruits. 12 years of rebuilding.

7 months ago


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