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Stanford ends KU's season in round of 32, 60-57

By Matt Tait ---

St. Louis — The Kansas University basketball team's NCAA Tournament run came to an end at Scottrade Center on Sunday, when the Jayhawks fell to No. 10 seed Stanford, 60-57 in the Round of 32.

Stanford led most of the way and frustrated the Jayhawks with their size and toughness all over the floor. 
That was particularly true against Andrew Wiggins, who likely finished his college career with one of his worst lines as a Jayhawk. Wiggins scored just four points, on 1-of-6 shooting and added four turnovers in 34 minutes. He went to the free throw line just twice.

"Well, I think they're long," KU coach Bill Self said of Stanford's defense, and how it limited Wiggins. We don't go against many teams that are bigger than us. The only position where we're as tall as them from a standing high standpoint is probably at the 3-spot with Andrew. He is about 6-7 and a half and they're about 6-7 there. So they bothered him with length.

"And I think he had an off game, too. Give him credit for that, but certainly he put himself in position to make some plays and didn't make them like he normally made them the majority of the season."

Tarik Black led Kansas before fouling out of his final college game. The big forward finished with 18 points and 6 rebounds in 26 minutes.

Freshmen guards Conner Frankamp (12 points on 4-of-7 three-point shooting) and Frank Mason (solid defense late in the second half) also played well in the loss on both ends of the floor, giving KU a chance when much of the rest of the roster was struggling mightily on offense.

Here’s a quick look back at some of the action:

• The game turned when: KU cut the Stanford lead to 44-40 with less than eight minutes to play and then picked up back-to-back steals in the backcourt but could not turn them into points. Frank Mason coughed it up on a drive to the rim, then misfired on a three-pointer from the corner. On the run-out, Stanford's Anthony Brown scored and was fouled to put Stanford back up seven, instead of KU being down just 44-43 or 44-42. KU eventually tied it at 49 but the Cardinal quickly rebuilt the lead to four and KU never again could get closer than two points.

• Offensive highlight: There were a couple of big-time passes from Frank Mason in this one, but few were as pretty or as big as the lob to Tarik Black with KU trailing 42-35 with just over nine minutes to play. The lob, which Black appropriately hammered the finish, unlike Jamari Traylor and Perry Ellis who couldn't finish them early. Mason also threw one to Landen Lucas, who flushed it early in the second half during his short time on the floor. Outside of those, there really weren't many offensive highlights for the Jayhawks, unless you like Tarik Black free throws.

• Defensive highlight: Andrew Wiggins picked up an incredible steal of a post-entry pass late in the game by using his length to poke it away and his balance to stay in bounds. KU's full-court press also wreaked havoc on the Cardinal for much of the second half.

• Key stat: The final numbers aren't in just yet, but KU missed a ton of shots at the rim in this one. Part of that is credit to Stanford's length and toughness inside. Part of it was KU just not being able to find its touch.

• Up next: The loss ends KU's season at 25-10. Stanford (23-12) will move on to face No. 11 seed Dayton in the Sweet 16 in Memphis.

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  • I never once said Wiggins should have never come to KU. Please learn how to read.

  • You are ridiculous

  • What about help defense in man to man? It was atrocious. Self needs to teach them to see man and ball and sag down a little when your man is cross court. They aren't playing "off man" enough and react late to anyone driving. Because they are reacting late they are fouling. The big man should sag way off and almost be a goaltender. Who cares if he leaves a big man open on the perimeter. We are getting beat too often to the cup.

  • Typical, yes..blame wiggins and not the coach. Wiggins barely got any touches.

  • Of course its a big assumption on Embiid. I personally don't care about Turner as much as others, since I see Frankcamp making a big jump this off season

  • Apology accepted

  • OK, I will think about studying really hard and working two jobs. What did YOU do?

  • Feel for the alumni???

  • I still love my JAYHAWKS!! The are great "kids"!!! We are spoiled with the talent that we are blessed with year after year!

  • For all the pissed off jayhawks, we vented our disappointments during the past few minutes, now lets start feeling for the kids...for all the alumni, think of what we were doing during our college years when the players basically practiced their @$$ off...I feel guilty for my Embiid post earlier, I shouldn't have said that

  • I hope for all our sakes Tharpe is only seeing 5-10 minutes in that rotation. He's not a point guard, he doesn't have the brain for it.

  • Great comment. So many of these posters have shown at the first sign of hardship that they bail

  • You are sooo correct sir!!

  • No Embiid... likely Miles Turner tho

  • Good job!

  • KU = 19 of 58 shooting

  • Still excited for next year. 5. Embiid 4. Alexander/Ellis 3. Ellis/Oubre 2. Oubre/Selden/Tharpe 1. Frankcamp/Tharpe/Mason

  • Out of bounds, 1 second later at the rim with a put back.

  • Yes you are all ungrateful...and it's just ridiculous. None of you guys could hold their jockstrap but you are so quick to criticize. Wiggins had a BAD GAME, yes he did-we all agree. But this BS about he shouldn't have come to KU and he wasn't invested is just ignorant. No one is going to be perfect evert time out. Man up and get over it- like you all have never messed in the stuff you do. Please...

  • Me too!

  • THAT'S the worst part for you? Weird. I guess... don't come here? Not being able to see Embiid play in the Tourney, Black being gone and the fact our Jayhawks won't be playing until October are the worst parts for me.

  • They are great kids too!

  • Agree

  • Living in Lawrence he could be smoking a variety of things...

  • Right!

  • Forget what you wanted (or want) Wiggins to be. He was good, but not amazing. Objectively, when did anyone see a play this year that was singular! One play that amazed? One play that made you think he would be a Lebron or Kobe or Durant someday. I didn't even come close to seeing it. We ate up the hype. We are suckers. I won't be fooled again.

  • Nice comment!

  • You're not correct about the phone book. We turned over the team. Without these players would we have made the tournament?

  • Embiid was the best player on this year's team. Wiggins was second best. We would have been in the middle of the Big XII without them. What are you smokin'?

  • Uh . . . The 2012 National Champs are the poster boys for one & done!

  • yeah, he's a beast though, he'll make some money playing somewhere. If not, he has some education, and has leadership qualities, he'll be ok.

  • um TRob basically played 1 year, same with Arthur, Rush and Chalmers bailed early too.

  • Good

  • The worst part about losing is hearing all of the negative fans complain here.

  • Selden

  • Your my friend, I have lots of friends actually, people who are not homers, though lol.

  • Hear hear

  • They have potential!

  • Wiggins take Joel and Seldon to the NBA with you. You all suck. NO MORE one and DONE players. FOUR YEAR solid/good players win titles. 2008 and 2012 are proof. The STARS did nothing today. Why was Franks on the bench most of the second half. I could get four people out of the phone book and beat Stanford. KU couldn't do it with three NBA, "STARS." Fricking joke!!

  • Agree

  • Thanks

  • Why does everyone think so much of Kentucky this year?

  • Yeah, the comments here are rough. It sucks to lose, but all but one team loses their last game. It really does suck to lose, especially when we percieve players are underperforming, but come on!, we just had 4-5 months of being entertained by them and mostly winning. Only a handful of schools can say that, and very few can say that EVERY YEAR.

  • U have friends? Doubtful

  • Keep him

  • Came back for you buddy, just have to reply to my friend.

  • Well I just feel awful for Black... To go out like that is just wrong. He gave everything, and a few of his teammates gave nothing in return...

  • Ungrateful? No, we just don't subscribe to the 'good job, pat on the back, everybody is a winner, let's go for ice cream' mentality

  • He was the last good point we had...then nothing.

  • Right!

  • Embiid is outta here... miss him already. Myles Turner step right up...

  • You are absolutely right. But everyone now has convenient amnesia...just ridiculous. No Wiggins and Embiid no 10th title.

  • Thought u were done!?

  • Tharpe is a pretty good 2 guard. Why he played at point all year is beyond me.

  • What about Sherron Collins?

  • captain obvious

  • But led his team to the finals

  • All right folks. Too many things on my list before a two week business trip.

    Stay safe and be well.

  • Agree

  • Oh I agree completely, just saying the coaches have tried (who knows how extensively they try though).

  • Is Embiid staying? Or do some of you even want him?

  • Tyshawn was inconsistent as a PG but still, he's a scorer. can't say the same for Tharpe.

  • Tyshawn is where Tharpe learned to be a complete moron with one handed passes and behind the back garbage. We need to just cut that limb off and be done with it. I honestly don't want to see Tharpe next season. At all.

  • With all of the ungrateful Jayhawk "fans" on here why would Embiid want to come back? Next people will be blaming him for not being able to play. Ridiculous!

  • This

  • Wow. That's a tough question.

  • If we didn't have 2 likely OADs this year, we would not have one a 10th-straight Big XII title. But if that's your preference....

  • Oh yeah. Gallant effort without him.

  • Duck tape tharpes butt to the bench.. bring in Myles Turner.. find a true point guard.. Self break out of his stubborn ways -- boom, championship ;)

  • Tyshawn sure took a beating from fans. But I'd take him over most if these players in a heartbeat

  • If Black had learned to play D without fouling, there could have been several different outcomes this year. I don't put that on him.

  • We missed Embiid!

  • Then that is an issue for Self to correct and he shouldn't get a pass on it-he should take heat for that. Not having a point guard has hurt us every year since we last won in 2008.

  • We need to bring in a senior point guard who graduated early, like Black this year, if we don't it will be the same result

  • don't recruit them. go for players, like Michigan State, that will stay three or four years.

  • now you're talkin'

  • I bet that Nick Wiggins gets more than 4 points today.

  • I've gotta quit wearing KU shirts on gameday. They seem to be a jinx

  • You are right. Tarik was a pleasure this year. What an example on the court. Love the guy.

  • Yes. He gave us his all!

  • I primarily like the Shockers because their fans and cheerleaders cheer with the shocker hand gesture.

  • Turn them down?

  • I feel most for Black... worked his butt off, showed class, tremendous teammate... wish him well!!!

  • Selby 2.0 Mclemore 3.0 xavier henry 4.0 Quit believing the ESPN year of the freshmen hype. Why was he on the cover of Sports illustrated before the season even started? A highschool no-defence "mixtape"? In Canada nonetheless? Demand we get fundamentally sound players and build a BASKETBALL team. Did you see Wiggins even attempt to box out this year? He got pushed under the rim on a crucial rebound today!

  • I feel most for Black... worked his butt off, showed class, tremendous teammate... wish him well!!!

  • you mean like Selden, Wiggins, and Embiid?

  • Wiggins is 8 times better than Selby and did 8 times more for Kansas. KU fans will cheer on Wiggins in the pros; no one cared/cares about Selby.

  • I wish I could be nice and get on the WSU bandwagon but frankly I do not care. They have not played anybody all year long and so now I welcome them to true Division I basketball and wish them well...

  • Wiggins >>>>>> Selby

  • Frankamp is a PG. If Self had played him all game and just left Tharpe on the bench, i'm convinced we would have pulled this out. At the very least, we would have had a better chance.

  • Can we quit with the one-and-dones already?

  • You're still wrong

  • Go nobody! Tournament over

  • Read my point please! I NEVER said it wasn't valid criticize Wiggins today. Some are saying he should not have come hear and that is just pure BS. PLEASE READ.

  • Go Shockers! Play Angry!

  • They recruit true pt guards but don't get 'em

  • go shockers!

  • That assumes Self will actually get over himself and play Frankamp next year instead of sticking to Tharpe all season like he did this year. I can honestly see the same thing happening next year because Self always sticks with the upper-classmen.

  • Frankamp has shades of Hurley. Could be our best PG since I've been a fan (20 years - I was a Texan before that).

  • Anyway, we need Danny Manning back.