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FINAL: KU drops third straight in 72-66 loss to Oklahoma

The Kansas men's basketball team couldn't keep up with hot-shooting Oklahoma, falling 72-66 to the Sooners on Saturday afternoon at Lloyd Noble Center in Norman, Okla.

The Jayhawks lost their third straight game for the first time since 2005.

With KU trailing 70-66 with 14 seconds remaining, Elijah Johnson drove all the way to the rim but missed the layup. OU's Cameron Clark grabbed the defense rebound to seal it.

OU made 56 percent of its field goals in the first half in building a 38-34 halftime lead. The Sooners also hit seven three-pointers, their most since a Jan. 12 game against Oklahoma State.

Romero Osby led OU, scoring 17 points on 6-for-8 field-goal shooting. Steven Pledger added 15 points.

Ben McLemore led KU with 15 points on 6-for-10 shooting. Jeff Withey added 14 points, six rebounds and one block, tying Greg Ostertag's KU career record for blocked shots.

KU (19-4, 7-3 Big 12) will play host to Kansas State at 8 p.m. Monday.

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  • Right, the ones saying that we have a problem after losing the worst RPI matchup in history and 3 in a row are irrational. Go watch your 2008 DVD and tell yourself everything's fine.

  • Sounds good. Local store sells choco-taco's. lol

  • Jesse when was the last 4 game losing streak?

  • Played better than last Wednesday at least.

  • Yet again, EJ had the most field goal attempts. Somebody explain to me why this is a good idea.

  • cause we're all entitled democrat babies, right?

  • if EJ starts monday i.... just.... dont... understand.

  • ...and Withey is out of the 1st round.

  • The KU fan base has lost its rational thought process.

  • Prepare to have the court rushed every game, regardless of our ranking. You don't win 8 strait without taking some s**t when you are no longer top dog.

  • Time for EJ to sit. Insert Tharpe permanently.

  • The worst part is that the Big 12 isn't very strong this year.

  • maybe they should go out for ice cream cones? tacos...

  • When will it end...can we beat TCU if it's at home?

  • EJ has officially played himself out of the 2nd round!!!

  • Time to add RIO and White III to the rotation?

  • Thanks Jesse. See everyone Monday night. RCJHGKU!!!

  • I started off switching to Bob Davis then the delay got to me. Then just turned the sound off then .. yeah .. Valpo game.. then game to the blog.. and back to the game with the sound off. Then back to the blog. Wow - what a workout.

  • Rock Chalk, gang. See you Monday.

  • I trust in Self but jesus, what's taking so long, get this sh*t figured out

  • aaand it ends with the world-famous Elijah turnover...

  • The only thing that feels good about the loss is seeing the OU fans rush the court. That has to make us feel better.

  • Self's loyalty to EJ will be the death of this team. He has to sit him for a game to try to get his mind right.

  • EJ blows - this guy right now is like a minus 5-10 points everygame. He hurts your team so much in so many ways. Man you have to sit him. Have to...

  • Agreed!!!!!

  • another players only meeting. make it 9 hours long this time

  • As always Jesse... Job well done

  • Go 'Clones!

  • The avalanche has officially hit

  • Only the Gooners.

  • This team played mostly well today. You people are ridiculous.

  • I really do think it is past time for Self to pull EJ.

  • Guess you think BS days are over and we need a new coach?

  • Yes he did.

  • yeah, chanting 'overrated' and then rushing the court... make sense (in Oklahoma).

  • glad we can bring so much happiness to so many.

  • This team is one big head case. And that's on the coaching staff.

  • Yeah, but the game was already over. Can't make a 6 point play.

  • glad to see we're still going to EJ on the last possession, i think Self needs to get his eyes checked

  • Now I can cry.

  • Did EJ loose that one as well?

  • bleh

  • After watching this team Incam say this is the worse set of guards I've seen at Kansas in years. They can't shoot, dribble, pass, or defend. It hurts my heart to watch how bad their guard play is and their matador defense which always leaves Jeff on an island which is the reason he is always so tired now smh.

  • 00:00 left in Final
    Oklahoma 72
    Kansas 66

    KU's first three-game losing streak since 2005.

  • Perfect way to end it, EJ turnover!!!! Sit him already

  • EJ blows it AGAIN.

  • fitting end...season going down in flames

  • 2nd week in a row used up all his timeouts. Take some of the blame coach and don't put it all on the players.

  • PHOF

  • Maybe it's time to start more of the freshman class so that they will be ready next year.

  • Don't know if I'll be home in time to chat. But see you all Monday.

  • oh god, here we go again.

  • Marchphog, Jesse has threatened to ban me from these chats for far far less than that.

  • Indeed, it should have been a flagrant, not that it would have mattered.

  • And that was another fitting end to an EJ possession...

  • It's the same problem that haunts our country, a bunch of people feeling entitled to the work put in by others.

  • If we're lucky

  • Now that's a fitting end.

  • Get rid of Fran. Bring on Bobby.

  • Drinkin' Time!!!!

  • EJ has compromising photos....

  • Have to wave to the stands to get fans up off their ass

  • I've tortured myself enough today. Guilty.

  • Just promise me we won't actually display the NIT banner...

  • No one in here is even watching the game, are they?

  • Sorry, but by rule that's a flagrant. It's a stupid rule, but that's the rule.

  • In.

  • Time to start wondering what is going on internally. Self is starting to lose this team. It's more than just EJ. They are a mess right now.

  • Last year was a complete fluke for Withey, if it wasn't for TRob, we would have seen last year but we are seeing this year

  • EJ needs to sit more his play has cost this team. Nadir needs to see more playing time thats for sure.

  • In at 14

  • Hello 8 seed ?

  • That's bullshit. That is a flagrant foul by the rules, whether or not it was an accident.

  • everyone, even Self, knows this... and playing more Tharpe (with Rio sprinkled in) would serve our team better --- BUT I highly doubt Bill wants to make that change at this point.

    The thing is, it wouldn't be a big change really, unless you make a bigger deal about it. Just trading about 10 minutes PT on the court. Won't happen.

  • We should try sitting EJ a whole game. See what happens.

  • Why is th e head of basketball operations been sticking his nose and comments in the huddle for the last 3 games? Why is Self listening to him?

  • We will be in the top 20, but shouldn't be.

  • He needs red hair

  • Come Monday, in or out of top 20?

  • drive home safely everyone...

  • Yes.

  • Forget coaching...these guys need a shrink!!!

  • Fran is an idiot.

  • BCS - BCS - BCS

  • I like EJ and feel bad for his slump, but it's disturbing to see him struggle to convert layups

  • Beat the Kitty Cats and we will be OK.

  • If they call this correctly, it will be a flagrant foul

  • I'm not sure why anyone would think they have a right to be more angry than the the players are. They're the ones that put in the work.

  • look out #KSU

  • That overrated thing will be resolved on Monday.

  • OU knows all about being overrated, FB.

  • EJ needs to be left on the bench until,,,,, well I'm not sure when he should be in the line-up again.

  • Maybe 89 but with a coaching change and no postseason, I always thought the 89 team did. weell

  • lol, does everyone at this level get a participation medal.

  • Be unhappy.

    It's a free country. Just know that you sound like a whiney loser by expressing it that way.

  • we are such a bad team, i don't know what happened but we are just terrible. how we've only lost 4 games is beyond me...

  • "That means you're 'signature win' means less" [clap clap, clap clap clap]

    "That means you're 'signature win' means less" [clap clap, clap clap clap]

  • We haven't looked like a top 25 team for 6 weeks.

  • But from 19-1.... And the teams... It kinda is...

  • 21