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FINAL: TCU stuns No. 5 Kansas, 62-55

TCU pulled off one of the biggest upsets in Big 12 history, knocking off the Kansas men's basketball team, 62-55, on Wednesday night at Daniel-Meyer Coliseum in Fort Worth, Texas.

Coming into the game, TCU (10-12, 1-8 Big 12) was winless in conference play. The Horned Frogs' closest Big 12 game was a nine-point home loss to Texas Tech.

KU had just two points with 7:55 left in the first half. The Jayhawks finished with 13 first-half points (trailing 22-13), which was the lowest point total in a half for KU since at least 1988-89.

TCU led by as many as 16 (37-21) with 11:41 left in the second half.

KU made just 18 of 61 field goals (30 percent) and three of 22 from three (14 percent).

Ben McLemore led KU with 15 points, while Jeff Withey added 12.

KU (19-3, 7-2) will play at Oklahoma at 3 p.m. Saturday.

Box score

Live game updates

  • Deep breath. Blood pressure needs to go down. Relax. The sun will come up.

  • The team knows there is no one that will fight the thick guys. Not one of our guys would get in a fight. You can't win in D1 once the XTReme Ball starts in February, if you let them hurt you without retaliating. TCU knew KU wouldn't fight back.

  • Self should donate his salary for this game to charity

  • No he is 2nd! Cal is the first. Wish we had Brad Stevens

  • ict .. checkmate. You've got me there. We went small the entire final 11:00 minutes with Releford at the 4 most of the time. And your right, no defensive stopper there. The put back dunk he didn't block out his man.

  • No alphas on this team and it shows. No one wants to put the team on his back and it shows. Bill Self going through the motions and it shows.

  • He certainly doesn't act like he has. He is still stuck on the team that played in the non-conference, not the one that has really struggled recently, even if they didn't have a lot of losses to show for it.

  • They're dancing in the streets in Columbia, MO right now,,,

  • Every player should be embarrassed, and so should Coach Self. Pitiful display of heart, pitiful display of effort, pitiful display of coaching. Just pitiful and embarrassing through and through.

  • No one should make snarky comments---this is an embarrassment. No heart, Give TCU their due. This is our embarrassment---and for the fans, our disappointment.

  • Didn't realize they needed another teaching moment. Watch this game to see how not to play.

  • Captain obvious no?

  • Is Bill Self the most overrated coach?

  • This is teh story of the game.

    Way bigger than EJ's terrible slump. At least EJ wants to be playing better and is trying hard. Releford has absolutely no excuse.

  • Very weak. Same strength coach. Four Seniors. Was it really Danny?

  • Whatever we do, let's not bash TCU for celebrating. This court storming is legit. Great win for the Frogs.

  • undoubtedly the greatest accomplishment by TCU...ever

  • HEM - and he hasn't been the defensive stopper the last 2 games we've all come accustomed to seeing. Your small line-up with Releford playing the 4? Why bother having him in there at all?

  • Frogs Hop on KU.

  • It was a real non nail biter.

  • Joke. This team has no heart

  • TCU's superbowl

  • Sad night to be a Jayhawk

  • Frogs head to the streets to overturn cars and light bonfires...

  • Thanks for making me not want to visit for the next few days, KU.

  • 00:00 left in Final
    TCU 62
    Kansas 55

    One of the craziest court-storming's I've seen.

  • the announcers are so excited they blew there loads all over the teleprompter

  • hey look! baptists cheering like it's the second coming of Jesus

  • Does anyone think maybe some of the fans got spoiled, just a little? I do.

  • In the 25 years I've been in Lawrence I've never seen such an embarrassment - Bill Self should hang his head

  • Life humbles you when you least expect it.

  • There is no upside to this at all. This is an embarrassment of historic proportions.

  • I'm now literally concerned about our next two opponents, starting with Saturday's game.

  • Get ready to get punked by ksu monday night

  • You're an confirmed by every post you have made tonight. Have you watched any of the games for the past month?

  • There is something fundamentally wrong with this team. I hope Self can figure it out. If not, they lose at OK, KState, OK State and probably Texas too.

  • Travis Releford .. 1 point. One field goal attempt. What good is a 5th year senior if he won't take charge? He drove the ball twice all night. One time he dished for a bucket. Other time he was fouled.

  • effing pitiful

  • HOLY

  • Three thick men and a point guard; that's all it takes to beat KU. Just ask OSU and TCU.

  • Will there be 16300 at next home game?

  • Its time to replace Jaybate with Trent Johnson! :P

  • This team is garbage, see ya in 2 years when we actually have a shot to win the league again

  • Up-side,,, We scored 3x as many points in the 2nd half as we did in the 1st.

  • Truth

  • The three hour talk with EJ on Sunday didn't accomplish a thing. Sherron, Tyshawn, TRob, would not have let this happen.

  • Anyone that thinks we shouldn't be rated because of this, please don't tune in again.

  • none of them showed much pride

  • Well, this was fun. Goodnight guys. See you saturday.

  • AW3- hope he's not another Jeremy Case

  • well, the good news is they can't get any more pathetic than this. This is rock bottom

  • Let them have their enjoyment, and then let's give our team some bulletin board material starting when they can see it tonight.

  • If this doesn't wake this team up nothing will

  • Ghost out. He's not even a shooter

  • Trent Johnson has done a great job.

  • The viagra didnt work on the players!

  • let me review the coaching jokes:

    1. putting AW in like you said
    2. frenetic and chaotic subbing in the first half, multiple players, every single play. NO CHANCE TO GET FLOW and get out of the funk.
    3. Keeping Young on the bench
    4. Not sitting EJ the rest of the 1st half (or, going to Tharpe too late)
    5. Not FORCING this team to keep going inside when it was obviously the only thing that was working with about 7-8 minutes left.
  • LOL. Thanks

  • 1 pt. ghost do you have any pride?

  • releford 1 point?

  • Goodnight folks see ya for that ass whooping Saturday

  • G'nite. We will live to play another day. Rock Chalk and the sky isn't falling.

  • Welp, my standards have just been lowered to Elite Eight or bust.

  • BMac 0-6 from 3

  • yeah, Matt. Neil was the other guy

  • Did you hear the overrated? These are suppose to be Christians

  • There are a lot more bad games than just this one recently. This team is not a top 10 team and probably not even a top 15 right now.

  • they went on vacation

  • That should do it.

  • At least every time Doherty says something stupid, I can thing about how he used to be a coach. At North Carolina.

    And now he's calling games on ESPNU.

  • whatever happened to the KU team that blew out CU by 40?

  • When they get back to Lawrence tonight, the team should run 30 Salina Drills. 17 times across the court in 1 minute, 30 seconds between drills.

  • Totally agree. Elijah's slump fooled me. I thought once he came out of it they would square away. But the team's real problem is it lacks a pair.

  • Matt

  • Agreed. Completely laughable

  • Love self, but I agree what's the point of bringing him in now

  • Very overrated, apparently. TCUs first conference victory in football and basketball come vs. KU. Real cute, KU, real cute.

  • Neil Dougherty is the doofus announcer

  • What's the chant?

  • Getting Johnson out of the game means getting a guy who's 2-12 (2-8 from 3, 0-2 FT), 1 asst, 3 TO out of the game

  • Matt Doherty...used to coach. UNC

  • It's just a stupid thing to chant about a team you're about to beat.

  • Where has EJ been all game until the last couple minutes?

  • They should rate us number 300 in the country, because we have a bad game.

  • With the exception of BMac, KU is a team of roll players. Up to now, it has been good enough, but not anymore.

  • Johnson fouls out.

  • Johnson done.

  • There goes the conference streak.

  • Self puts White in the last minute again. What a joke. A whole game where we can't shoot and he puts the kid in cold off the bench.

  • we are over-rated

  • I'm envisioning the last couple seconds down 1, and Releford wide open for a layup but looking for someone to pass it to.

  • It's not like their lying

  • Who is the know it all announcer?

  • time for someone to pull a Reggie Miller

  • They are basically acknowledging they are at the bottom of the conference.

  • You don't agree with them?

  • They are doing this to piss off Self!

  • masters of the obvious

  • I do hate that chant. It has probably never been more true than today though.

  • you mean turnover?