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FINAL: Naadir Tharpe's floater saves KU in 68-67 double-OT win over Oklahoma State

Naadir Tharpe hit a floater with 18 seconds left in double-overtime to give Kansas a one-point lead, and Oklahoma State guard Markel Brown missed a 19-footer with 10 seconds left before Travis Releford tipped the ball forward to run out the time in KU's 68-67 double-overtime victory over OSU on Wednesday night at Gallagher-Iba Arena in Stillwater, Okla.

Tharpe's jumper was KU's only field goal made in the two overtimes.

Travis Releford led KU with 18 points on 7-for-10 shooting, while Jeff Withey added 17 points, 14 rebounds and four blocks.

KU (22-4, 10-3 Big 12) moves into a tie for first place in the Big 12 with Kansas State.

The Jayhawks will play host to the TCU Horned Frogs at 3 p.m. Saturday.

Box score

Live game updates

  • Between EJ fouling out and the refs, I was a little worried.

  • :-)

  • Oh, forgot...

    Rock Chalk

  • Iowa State on the road should be the toughest game left on our schedule. K-state's only hard game should be at home against OK St. OK St still has to play Iowa St and K-State again.

  • UGLY, but a W!

  • Instead of another turnover in the last seconds of a clutch game, we finally get a basket for the win!

  • I hear you on that.

  • No, they'll just switch to saying things like "better lucky than good".

    With fans like this, KU doesn't need enemies.

  • After EJ missed those two crucial free throws?

  • just need to beat the blizzard home now.

  • I have a man crush on Releford now. What D, what hustle!!!

  • I might get to bed about 2:00 this morning. Im not even going to try to go to bed.

  • But I love her!

  • Good deal, make sure we get them called out if they rear their heads in the discussions tomorrow!

  • Tharpe made one good play in two OTs and it happened to be the last play; so saying we were better off without EJ is a stretch.

  • Someone called it w a win by 1! Good job.

  • A win is a win is a win.

  • A win is a win. We'll take it! And for a Jayhawk who has to live in Oklahoma....thank you guys for the W.

  • I am exhausted!!!

  • I'm doing back flips in my living room!


  • Walkin' off with STYLE

  • Gutty win

  • Better lucky than good.

  • Holy Sh*t folks...whew...I have to admit, I was not feeling very confident once the game was tied in regulation. Great win, even it feels a little more like we survived rather than took the game in control.

  • I kept notes, I know who they are!

  • I called Tharpe for the game winner a half hour ago... Just for the record

  • That win was as ugly as a painted up 60 year old prostitute

  • snowing in Arizona?

  • That bad fifth foul call on EJ ended up being a blessing in disguise.

  • 1 basket from the field in 10 minutes.

  • F*CK YEAH!!!!!

  • Back on the bandwagon all of you who were saying it was game over earlier

  • Tharpe pulled one out for the Jayhawks. Way to go Tharpe.

  • I'll take it even if a little luck

  • Releford had a few clutch plays on both ends. The sweet layups, the charge calls...

  • 31 years since OSU sweeps

  • And Tharpe wins it unbelieble.

  • I feel like doing a back flip

  • Withey was being held so bad at the end

  • Really

  • What a play by Ghost. ROCK CHALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Phew!

  • He was bound to make one

  • the crowd is booing? Really?

  • 00:00 left in Final
    Okla. St. 67
    Kansas 68

    Huge, huge win for KU. Great defense by Releford.

  • YeYessssssssssss

  • Way to win!

  • Really?

  • Un be freakingbelievable!!!!

  • I am beside myself.


  • FINALLY. lol

  • Hell yeaaaaaaaaaaa

  • YEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!

  • Lucky

  • ARe you kidding me?

  • Wow

  • Tharpe.

  • Not any more.

  • The set for Ben to get open sucks.

  • get the ball to withey

  • Got to get the ball to Withey somehow.

  • FUn game though.

  • Seriously!! How many times can we have the same post?

  • BS

  • Agreed. Better to just take the basket whenever it presents itself.

  • OK State deserves this game.

  • if we win this without scoring a fg in either ot?!?>WOW!

  • FG by Ben, we D, win by 1?

  • Brown is the biggest thug I've seen this year in the B12

  • Definitely not enough time for 2-for-1.

  • Don't think there's enough time for a 2 for 1.

  • Not one field goal in 10 min.

  • Releford needed a Young sell-job on that one.

  • they are just making shots and we're not. Pretty simple.

    Still waiting on the BMAC attack

  • No 2 for 1 this time.

    Not enough time

  • Shooter pushed off

  • Offensive foul on that shot. Crowd would have gone insane if they called it, though.

  • 00:41 left in 2OT
    Okla. St. 67
    Kansas 66

    Self calls timeout.

  • Borderline 2 for 1

  • Another jacked up 2 for 1 coming up

  • Are you kidding me?

  • Brown with a tough shot there.

  • D!

  • Withey's been HUGE at the line.

  • 01:00 left in 2OT
    Okla. St. 65
    Kansas 66

    Withey makes both.

  • Steve Nash. No relation.

  • This is where BenMac's game is limited; he can't take over in terms of get the ball and go 1-on-1 and create shots for himself because his ball-handling just isn't that great yet.

  • Withey!

  • Bmac needs to get to the rim and make some FTs, if nothing else

  • Juryk has been doing that ALL GAME

  • Good eyes by Higgins. Jurick with a dumb play.

  • That actually was a good call.

  • This is just freaking stupid.

  • No point guard, half a center, no 4 man. This might be selfs best coaching to date

  • The arm.

  • LOLZ

    That was an iffy call though...

  • Ballsy with 4 foul.

  • Tharpe is trying. He just can't hit the shot. Great D by Young.