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Box score: Kansas 72, North Carolina 69 (NCAA title)

Box score: Kansas 72, North Carolina 69 (NCAA title)

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Bj Cassady

Team effort all the way. Kudos to DMac much maligned this season to me he was the MVP of the final four. Without him we do not win. CB played brilliantly in the championship game rebounding and scoring along with defense. Remy scored when we were desperate for someone anyone to score. Not the best game for OA, missing free throws by the score and having turnovers but his defense was great. Harris played decent defense but had some miscues on offense none bigger than with 4 tics to go. Wilson as always there to score when needed to do the dirty work, excellent defense love the guy and his play. Glad Lightfoot got to win. Not his fault he is about 2 inches too short. Great job TEAM! A win for the ages.

8 months ago