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Fan cutouts coming to Allen Fieldhouse for 2020-21 hoops season

A fan watches an NCAA college football game between TCU and Baylor while seated next to cutouts in Waco, Texas, Saturday, Oct. 31, 2020. (Jerry Larson/Waco Tribune-Herald via AP)

A fan watches an NCAA college football game between TCU and Baylor while seated next to cutouts in Waco, Texas, Saturday, Oct. 31, 2020. (Jerry Larson/Waco Tribune-Herald via AP) by Matt Tait

You've seen them at Royals games and other college and pro venues across the country, and now you can be in one.

Kansas Athletics announced this week that it would provide KU fans the opportunity to have a fan cutout of themselves placed inside Allen Fieldhouse for the 2020-21 basketball season.

The cost is $62 — to honor the NCAA-record 62 regular season conference titles won by the KU men's basketball program — and the proceeds from the sales will benefit the Jayhawk Relief Fund which was create to assist KAI with financial shortfalls from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fans wanting to purchase a KU cutout for themselves or friends or family members can log on to The site includes instructions for how to order and submit photos, as well as what kind of KU gear to wear and backgrounds to use to maximize your appearance at Allen Fieldhouse.

All cutouts are roughly 2 feet wide by 3 feet tall and they will be placed randomly throughout Allen Fieldhouse for both men's and women's games and not in specific seats.

Fans will be allowed to collect their cutouts after the 2020-21 season as a keepsake.

KU recently announced that Allen Fieldhouse is expected to have a capacity of around 1,500 fans for all men's and women's home games this season because of safety restrictions put in place because of the pandemic.

Kansas Athletics reserves the right to reject any photo that it determines to be in violation of cutout guidelines or is otherwise offensive, lewd, derogatory, infringing, discriminatory or inappropriate. If your photo is rejected, a KU staff member will contact you about obtaining a new photo.


Brett McCabe

Would 100% prefer no fake noise, no idiotic cutouts, no b.s.

Even when we get everything wrong, sports organizations find a way to make it even worse.

Imagine the purity of watching these high level athletes simply compete. We have one chance to watch the sport in it’s purest form, but a bunch of dumb white dudes will strip us of even that beautiful moment.

5 months, 1 week ago


Shannon Gustafson

Pretty sure you'd find a way to complain about an envelope full of hundred dollar bills showing up on your doorstep.

5 months ago


Jerry Walker


Where is the roster found?

5 months, 1 week ago


Bee Bee

Ridiculous. Let the people want to attend in to enjoy the games.
The rest can watch on T V. It's B S.

5 months, 1 week ago


Tim Orel

When you let in as many as want to get in, you also force KU to have to provide security, ushers, ticket takers, parking attendants and concessionaires who will run the risk of Covid from the thousands of fans in attendance. In case you hadn't heard, the occurrence of Covid has been going up in nearly every state and this is also the flu season. Every game would be a "Superspreader" event and the chances of staff and players getting Covid will also be increased. I'd much rather no fans than unlimited fans, so the players and staff stay safe.

5 months, 1 week ago


Robert Brock

Why not add a laugh track and some Benny Hill music?

5 months ago


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