Jayhawks jumped by Gonzaga, stay at No. 2 in latest AP Top 25

Kansas guard Charlie Moore (2) shoots over Tennessee guard Jordan Bowden (23) during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game in the NIT Season Tip-Off tournament Friday, Nov. 23, 2018, in New York. (AP Photo/Adam Hunger)

Kansas guard Charlie Moore (2) shoots over Tennessee guard Jordan Bowden (23) during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game in the NIT Season Tip-Off tournament Friday, Nov. 23, 2018, in New York. (AP Photo/Adam Hunger) by Associated Press

For the second time during this young college basketball season, the Kansas men’s basketball program was jumped in the Associated Press poll without losing.

This time, however, the Jayhawks (5-0) did not fall, rather they stayed in the same spot they were in a week ago, despite No. 1 Duke losing.

Kansas, which won the NIT Season Tip-Off in Brooklyn last week, stayed at No. 2 in the AP Top 25 but watched Gonzaga jump from No. 3 to No. 1 behind the strength of its victory over former No. 1 Duke in the Maui Invitational title game.

Duke, meanwhile, fell back behind Kansas to No. 3.

The numbers show that this was no run-away from the Zags, who landed in the top spot with 1,590 points and 32 first-place votes.

Kansas, meanwhile, earned 1,584 points and 31 first-place votes.

The 1,584 points are the most Kansas has received in a single week this season, even more than the 1,581 the Jayhawks recorded in earning the preseason No. 1 ranking.

Duke and Virginia each received one first-place vote and landed at No. 3 and No. 4, with Nevada rounding out the Top 5.

Tennessee, which fell to Kansas in the title game of the NIT Season Tip-Off dropped a spot to No. 6, while Michigan State moved up two spots from No. 11 to No. 9, which gives Kansas two Top 10 victories already this season.

The strength of those two victories was foundation for the argument that KU belonged back in the No. 1 spot, which was where it opened the season. But evidently enough voters — just barely — believed that Gonzaga’s victory over a powerhouse Duke program that looked virtually unbeatable in destroying Kentucky at the Champions Classic earlier this month was worth more clout than two wins over Top 10 teams.

KU junior Dedric Lawson was asked about the Top 25 after KU knocked off Marquette in the NIT semifinals last Wednesday, and after first saying that he “definitely” thought KU deserved the top spot after Duke’s loss, Lawson backtracked when he learned it was No. 3 Gonzaga that beat the Blue Devils.

“Definitely, if they lost,” he said. “I think that’s what happens when you lose, you drop.”

When told that Duke’s loss — 89-87 — came to the No. 3 team in the country, Lawson laughed and quickly began backtracking.

“Oh, shout-out to Gonzaga,” he said with a smile. “Gonzaga is a pretty good team, as well. So I guess I’ll leave that to the professionals.”

Seems like a good idea. After all, Kansas coach Bill Self has never put too much stock into where his team is ranked in November and December and the Jayhawks, as a whole, seem concerned only with where they will be ranked at the end of the season.

Two Big 12 programs made the jump from unranked into the Top 25 this week, with Texas (5-1) soaring all the way up to No. 17 and Texas Tech (6-0) landing at No. 20.

Here’s a look at the rest of this week’s AP Top 25:

1 – Gonzaga (32)

2 – Kansas (31)

3 – Duke (1)

4 – Virginia (1)

5 – Nevada

6 – Tennessee

7 – Michigan

8 – Auburn

9 – Michigan State

10 – Kentucky

11 – North Carolina

12 – Kansas State

13 – Virginia Tech

14 – Iowa

15 – Florida State

16 – Ohio State

17 – Texas

18 – Oregon

19 – Purdue

20 – Texas Tech

21 – Buffalo

22 – Wisconsin

23 – Villanova

24 – Maryland

25 – Mississippi State

Others receiving votes: Arizona St 156, Clemson 135, Furman 72, Creighton 65, LSU 41, Indiana 35, UCLA 30, Iowa St. 22, St. John's 19, Minnesota 17, Miami 10, TCU 8, Syracuse 8, Arkansas 6, Nebraska 6, Notre Dame 4, UConn 4, Florida 3, UCF 3, Houston 1, Davidson 1.


W Keith Swinehart II

Kansas has won, but they haven't dazzeled. Why sweat it. It's too early. The team is developing. Long season. Have fun.

8 months, 4 weeks ago


W Keith Swinehart II

I'm sure Self isn't concerned.

8 months, 4 weeks ago


Michael Maris

Honestly, this year's team has a lot to work on. Team chemistry does not seem to be where it needs to be by March and the first weekend and Monday in April. And, that's ok. Hopefully, this will make the team work harder and earn the National Sports Press respect.

8 months, 4 weeks ago


Brian Mellor

All of this is, in a nutshell, just the AP refusing to accept that maybe Kentucky just wasn't very good at the Champions Classic.

8 months, 4 weeks ago


Craig Carson

I have no issue with Gonzaga being #1..they beat duke WITHOUT arguably their best player

8 months, 4 weeks ago


Keith Gellar

idk why this is even a talking point. Gonzaga's body of work thus far (even though a small sample) is >>>>> KUs.

8 months, 4 weeks ago


Leon Trotter

idk why you think that. Current SOS: KU = 3; Gonzaga = 53. A case can be made that beating Duke would make their body of work better that KU's but it is far closer than you seem to imply. (And the numbers suggest that the opposite is true)

8 months, 4 weeks ago


Adam Bengtson

It's ok. Next week after Duke beats Indiana, we will slip back to #3.

8 months, 4 weeks ago


Glen Miller

The only time that #1 ranking matters is when you finish the season there after cutting down the nets. Who cares what rankings are in November. Duke was #1 and Gonzaga beat them and was already #3. I would say that makes sense to me. I don't think that this will do anything but motivate our players and turn out to be a good thing. We keep getting looked over and that has to rub these guys the wrong way. Honestly, we've looked sloppy and still beat some good teams. I can only imagine what we will look like when we figure out or rotation and roles.

8 months, 4 weeks ago


Brian Skelly

While polls are fine for media and fans, for the most part they are irrelevant. Come march seeding is what matters, and while the polls play into this, they're only a portion of whats used for seeding.


Both Self and Roy before him never has put to much stock in the polls, wholly understanding getting seeded well (and properly) is a far bigger deal when it matters.

8 months, 4 weeks ago


Bryce Landon

And once again, because the Jayhawks hail from a "flyover state", the media screws them over.

8 months, 4 weeks ago


Rae Bricil

Agreed with most that this doesn't matter and has no bearing. But the logic is completely fouled. KU beats 2 top 10 teams--ranked in the top 10 in both polls and Ken Pom and is behind a Gonzaga team that has only beat a Duke team that leapfrogged us because they beat a horrible UK team (that night). Duke looked average, except in flashes, against both Auburn and Gonz. The annoying part is just the media bias. I mean how is it even legal that Duke has their own commercial/show on ESPN--what is that besides a recruiting advertisement--and it is plastered everywhere.

Lastly, I bet this Adidas thing continues to get drug out without looking into Nike bc of UK and Duke. They are they highest earners for the sport so they will be a blind eye--the quote about KU trying to pay Zion was put on ice because he is such a TV draw. NCAA is joke and will continue to be until they actually address the sham that is amateurism.

8 months, 4 weeks ago


Jack Hoff

So true. The rankings don't matter. But it is everybody just playing to the sensationalism of how good Duke supposedly is. They are just a bunch of freshman, waaaay to much media bias has led to a false interpretation of how good they really are.

8 months, 4 weeks ago


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