Josh Jackson explains tweets following affidavit report

Tulsa, Okla. — After Kansas opened its NCAA Tournament run with a 100-62 victory over UC-Davis Friday night, freshman Josh Jackson was asked about a pair of tweets he sent out Thursday, the day details surrounding his involvement in a car vandalism case emerged via an affidavit.

Jackson’s first Twitter post Thursday read: “Lol yeah believe everything you read on the internet because it’s always true.” In a second, he just posted “allegedly.”

The freshman from Detroit said a day after those tweets he didn’t wish to go into specifics, but offered, “With everything that’s been going on with me, I’ve already accepted responsibility for, you know, the role that I played and whatever happened. Since then there have just been things that have came out that just haven’t been true. I just felt like I needed to let everybody know, because since then I’ve been pretty quiet. I haven’t said anything about it, and I just feel like it got kind of worse. So I just felt like I needed to say something.”

by Josh Jackson

by Josh Jackson

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