Rising parity can't keep Kansas out of Top 10

Kansas head coach Bill Self lays into an official during the second half on Friday, Dec. 29, 2017 at Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas.

Kansas head coach Bill Self lays into an official during the second half on Friday, Dec. 29, 2017 at Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas. by Nick Krug

First, St. John’s, winless in the Big East, knocks off Duke over the weekend in Madison Square Garden. Then the Johnnies beat No. 1 Villanova on the Wildcats’ home court.

And Villanova was just one of four schools ranked in the top 10 to drop a game this week. No. 3 Purdue lost at home to Ohio State. No. 8 Auburn lost at home to Texas A&M. And Duke lost at North Carolina.

Surely, this season is the greatest example ever of parity in college basketball, right?

Wrong, but it does continue the recent trend of more parity in the game. In Self’s first 12 seasons schools ranked in the top 10 averaged a combined 23.8 losses in the Week 14 poll, compared to an average of 30 the past three seasons.

The cause of increased parity?

More players leaving early, which has the effect of the most talented teams often being the least experienced. Also, talented players are less likely to wait to crack the rotation and are more likely to transfer than in earlier eras.

I looked up how many total losses the top 10 schools in the Week 14 rankings had each year during Bill Self’s tenure at Kansas.

The most interesting revelation was that KU has been ranked in the top 10 in each of the past nine seasons. During that nine-year span, Villanova was next with seven, followed by Arizona and Michigan at four apiece.

A look at total losses from teams ranked in the top 10 at the Week 14 mark during the Self era:

Season Top 10
Week 14
KU Week 14
KU destination
22 21 Elite Eight
2004-05 23 2 First-round loss
2005-06 22 NR First-round loss
2006-07 27 9 Elite Eight
2007-08 17 4 National champion
2008-09 26
16 Sweet 16
2009-10 29
1 Second-round loss
2010-11 23 2 Elite Eight
2011-12 25 7 National runner-up
2012-13 24 5 Sweet 16
2013-14 21 8 Second-round loss
2014-15 24 8 Second-round loss
2015-16 35 6 Elite Eight
2016-17 28 3 Elite Eight
2017-18 27 10 TBD


John Brazelton

A lot of college coaches would die happy for that post-season record.

1 year ago


Kit Duncan

Very much agreed. Unfortunately, some on this board believe KU's post season record under Coach Self is disgraceful. Besides winning the Big XII a record 13 times, Self has also taken his team to the NCAA tournament every year he's been at Kansas. Add that to Roy Williams' record and KU has made the NCAA Tournament a record 28 years in a row and it doesn't look like that will end any time soon.

1 year ago


Michael Leiker

Not disgraceful, but not good enough and not as good as Roy

1 year ago


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