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plasticJHawk (Anonymous) says...

both players have had good success in their NBA careers, Markieff got an earlier start with Phoenix while it took Marcus a while to find a team that needed him.

Now Marcus has found an important role on a very good team and is definitely in better position that Markieff. Markieff had a good run with Washington, but is currently trying to fill a role in OKC as a reserve and a stretch 4. Marcus since leaving Phoenix has probably had a slightly better career.

plasticJHawk (Anonymous) says...

I put him in my top four replacements for Bill Self back on December 3, though I don't really like the look of us poaching a coach from within our own conference, I think that he definitely deserves a look. He's relatively young and been very successful in a position that his historically been difficult to win. His teams seem to play the game the right way. Texas Tech has a gem of a coach, but can they keep him when the elite programs start calling?

plasticJHawk (Anonymous) says...

I could be wrong, but I think one of the newer rules is that a player can test the draft multiple times without losing eligibility.

plasticJHawk (Anonymous) says...

I missed the game... did we storm the court???

no?! didn't think so ;)

plasticJHawk (Anonymous) says...

we lost most of this community the day that The World Company implemented a requirement to "verify" accounts using facebook or email. I think it may have been October of 2013 ish. There were a few smaller discussion boards that sprouted when the new policy was announced, and many of the regulars transitioned to those communities, but I suspect those have mostly fizzled out. It's possible that most of the others whom we lost are still lurking here and maybe posting intermittently under different identities, but this site truly has never been the same. I would like to read Jaybate's musings again. Especially would be interested in his pontifications about the adidas/Nike/recruiting developments. He was ahead of the game calling out the shoe company/recruiting industrial complex. As well as calling out espn/ncaa for allowing the proliferation of no-call fouls in order to make for better TV programming.

plasticJHawk (Anonymous) says...

I haven't check to see if you're right that it's possible to have a 5 way tie atop the standings. But if it does happen that would be insane, and the trophy would feel like a fraud. Of course I'd take it to continue the streak.

plasticJHawk (Anonymous) says...

I highly doubt that this kid will play college basketball. He quit high school to play in some third rate Euro league. I guess presumably they could have made some effort to maintain his amateurism... He still has to qualify academically, which I suppose he could do. But I honestly don't think that this kid has the drive.

He possibly had the potential to be as good or better than Lonzo, but Lonzo went out and did it at UCLA. He didn't have the world at his fingertips before he ever stepped on campus. He actually worked hard and accomplished his goals.

I think that Lonzo's success will be Lamelo's downfall. Everybody told Lamelo he was destined to be an NBA star, and yes I know that he's still young, but I've seen film of him and I don't think he likes discipline and hard work. If he does end up getting onto a college team it won't be a high major. Because he's not work the risk. It will be a minor program that is willing to accept the fact that he may be a disaster, because if it's not a disaster is will be a windfall for their program.

I hope that he does play in college and finds success, but I'm glad to hear that KU has no interest in him.

plasticJHawk (Anonymous) says...

Did Lamelo actually say that he had talked with KU?

"talked to USC. [I am or will be] Talking to KU"

See what I did there? It could mean that he intends to talk to KU. Maybe he had plans to try to talk to KU.

Maybe he did even talk to KU. That doesn't mean that KU is or was recruiting him.

Way too little information to suggest that one party or the other was lying.

plasticJHawk (Anonymous) says...

at least you know that Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour won't be an issue... if the kid somehow is even eligible to play in college.

plasticJHawk (Anonymous) says...

towards the end of the season last year I was seeing flashes of Tyshawn Taylor in him.

Tyshawn had the ability to get into the paint at will and over the course of his career became a very good finisher.

The two players who stick out to me the most at finishing in the paint in traffic were Frank (who was the best I've seen at initiating the contact and creating the and-1) and Tyshawn who just had a knack for getting by his man and sweeping to the rim for a lay-up.

Marcus Garrett looks a lot like Tyshawn when he drives because he can almost always get by his man and uses his underrated length to keep the ball away from the hands of shotblockers.