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ejlumus (Anonymous) says...

You can't be serious.

On It’s a wrap: Game caps dramatic spring

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ejlumus (Anonymous) says...

Stand by my 7-5 record prediction.

3-0 noncon

win tt, bu, isu

upset over one .... ksu, UT, or TCU (remember the mary jane issues).

also okie state may have a big drop off ... will see if they can sustain

coaching is 70%, jimmies and joes the other 50% as yogi would say.

ejlumus (Anonymous) says...

Kruger (KSU grad) also left voluntarily ..... LOL

KSU memories are short .....do not remember the 50s, 60s, 70s and early 90s and they have the gall to make fun of us. LOL

ejlumus (Anonymous) says...

Suggest we bring al sharpton & Jessie Jackson into the appeal process.

ejlumus (Anonymous) says...

Exactly! you are the only one to catch the sacasm. LOL

ejlumus (Anonymous) says...

Very well said!

ejlumus (Anonymous) says...

KU should play him!!! ..................Big FU to the ncaa

ejlumus (Anonymous) says...

Ball control offense .... high risk defense, blitz every play from different angles ..... turnovers, turnovers, turnovers. Couple of upsets ... spell 7-5 record.

We go bowling.

No, I haven't had anything to drink. Probably after the spring game.

ejlumus (Anonymous) says...

Charlie's "one and dones". Mature, fifth year, transfers from big time winning programs, graduated, and will fill gaps on two deep depth chart. It is a can't lose situation.

There is a video i watched, briefly shows #9 playing catch with #10, if anyone disputes the arm strenths of the transfer QBs they do not know anything about football. The ball explodes when released.

Looking forward to great things for the program.

Gruden will be interviewing Crist next year at this time.

On Notre Dame linebacker to transfer to KU

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ejlumus (Anonymous) says...

You can't be serious ... maybe you are ..... and that is really sad.