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ejlumus (Anonymous) says...

I saw him play in the state tournament. Reminded me of JoJo.

ejlumus (Anonymous) says...

Offer missery 2 year contract .... $25K ..... play @ Allen both years.

Please ..... no more missery comments on anything.

End of story.

On Bill Self defends CU series

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ejlumus (Anonymous) says...

No question .... Holsopples worth 4-6 wins per year.

ejlumus (Anonymous) says...

Must be a slow news day. Picture of someone visiting duke on KU Sports that KU is not interested in..

ejlumus (Anonymous) says...

Winner of Cotton bowl plays the winner of the Rose Bowl for National Championship.

ejlumus (Anonymous) says...

Would really hate to see Anrio gp to the cornholers.

Anrios a player!!!!!!!

ejlumus (Anonymous) says...

I saw Anrio play in the state tournament this year.

Anrio is very good, unlikely there are 100 players in his class better. Removing the Dewade compariison he did remind me of another Jayhawk .... Jo Jo. Very smooth, heady player. Time will tell.

ejlumus (Anonymous) says...

KU should do the same & have the ncaa dissolved. End of Story!

ejlumus (Anonymous) says...

suggest one of KUs top lawyer graduates sue the ncaa

ejlumus (Anonymous) says...

Saw losts of improvement, S&C, on off field sharp, one penalty .... major improvement in knowing the plays. Stabnd by my prediction:

Win 3 non-cons

Win 3 tt, bu, isu

Win 1 ksu, ut, tcu

Northern Illinois will determine good or bad season.

DC best drop back QB since Jaynes. Consider TR a scrambler.

CW coach of the year in B12.

Book mark it ...... end of story

On It’s a wrap: Game caps dramatic spring

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