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I live in Indiana, have DirecTV as my provider and watched these lower level games on the ESPN+ channels in the 700s. I do have the Sports Package where I get all the Fox regionals, etc. Not certain if that makes a difference. The video was always a little grainy, but at least I was able to watch without going on ESPN3.

dwphawk60 (Anonymous) says...

I am a KU fan who lives in Indiana about halfway between Bloomington and New Albany. I understand everyone is granted their opinion, but I would like to provide some additional information about this young man. What you saw in this announcement was a young man who is so well-liked in his community and his school, he wanted to share this experience with everyone he could. He is an outstanding academic student, not "just" an athlete. I have worked youth basketball tournaments, from 4th grade to high school age, where this young man took time out of his day to visit, take pictures and talk with players and teams. This is no Ball family circus and Romeo and his parents should not even be mentioned in the same discussion. ANY program should be considered lucky to have a young man, be he a one-and-done or not, be part of the team.

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One aspect of this investigation which is being overlooked, I believe, is the affiliation between KU and Addidas. With the news that broke this summer, it is imperative for schools like KU to be ultra-diligent about their compliance to keep from having even an appearance of a connection with the pay-for-play scandal. Therefore, the compliance department picks at every thread, every rumor, every memo that might have the slightest connection. I am hopeful the NCAA rules quickly on this and the Sousa cases as there doesn't appear to be much, if anything, behind the rumors and questions.

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The additional quesiton should be, other than TRob, why is KU getting no mention on the awards talk, in general? This has been an incredible coaching job by Coach Self. Yet, all the Coach of the Year talk is Haith at MO. All Haith had coming back was 90% of his scoring and minutes. The only significant change was losing Bowers. I don't understand the oversight of Self as COTY. Could it be the media is as bad as the KU fans in taking their players and coaches for granted????

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dwphawk60 (Anonymous) says...

First point - Self's statement in the press conference is "people" - not necessarily focusing on TAMU game. There have been a number of instances in various games where the shot clock has moved under 15 seconds and a defensive breakdown has occurred. Playing defense for over half the shot clock and giving up a basket, offensive rebound and basket, or fouling ARE an issue for this team.

Second point - in a game where, as pointed out possessions are limited, and the final score ends within a spread of 3-4 possessions how big do the three scores with the clock under 15 seconds and a fourth just on the line, not to mention the fouls and offensive rebounds.

Good analysis and I think has it's merits. But, compare to the total possesions of the game and the impact those failed defensive possessions have on the final score. Close games dictate a more detailed focus on maintaining the defensive pressure throughout the possession.

dwphawk60 (Anonymous) says...

The offense was stagnant. When Robinson was doubled, there were no dive cuts from the top of the key, no off the ball weakside cuts, and no movement to create a spot up opportunity by Tehan or EJ.

I thought defense was spotty at best. Everyone knows Davidson is a three point shooting team. To defeat that you fight over the top of the screen along with the hedging by the screener's defensive man. Only EJ worked through those situations. Tyshawn continually went under the screen as did Releford and Tehan. To be honest, if Tehan is not making threes, he is nothing but a liability with no ball handling, rebounding or defensive skills.

This team has to work harder to get wins because of the fact there is less talent than previous teams. That's not to say this can't be a good team. They just have to learn the name on the front of the jersey doesn't mean you win. You win by outworking the other team's players and focusing on details - see the game against Ohio State.

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Ok, new AD, here is your next hire! Time for Bonnie to go. She is ruining the recruiting base in TX having lost two very good players from the Dallas-Ft.Worth area during this calendar year. And, this will not be the last transfer from this current team. I know women's basketball doesn't get much attention outside of Duke or UConn, but how long will the administration accept sub .500 records and the decline of the KU sports image in a hot recruiting area?

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It really bothers me to hear fans talk about the recruiting ability of HCBS. You want to know why *THIS* KU team is picked in the 11-15 range in almost all publications? Bill Self! The return of Robinson and Taylor aside, this team is viewed favorably because of the coaching ability of Self and this staff. I'll take a coach who can teach, motivate, and push his players (McDonald's All-Americans or not) to achieve things as a team over a Calipari who gets five superstars every year but always has that one fatal flaw that causes them to lose in big games.

Give me four-year players like Taylor (admittedly without the headaches) to whom I can become attached; give me homegrown gym rats like Morningstar and Reed; give me players who work to increase their abilities like the Morris twins; give me walkons who sit the bench, practice hard, provide the scout team, and step up when their time comes like (hopefully) Tehan and Wesley. Those are the kinds of players to build your program around.

Do I expect a 30-2 record and another regional final, probably not. But, do I believe with the ability of Coach Self, and his staff, it could be an "overachieving" season like that - yes.

I am just glad it starts tonight!!

dwphawk60 (Anonymous) says...

38 varsity teams and four JV .... seriously?? JV for bowling???

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Have seen this kid, and Smart, play since they were freshman in high school. He is every bit as quick and smooth a ball handler as Collins (without the weight issues). In addition, he is a better shooter from long range and is "basketball smart". From what I understand from teaching contacts in TX, he is a very good student - in the classroom and as a leader. Don't sell him short (no pun intended) because of his height or his recruiting ranking. He is the type of player who will be there for four years, lead his team, and get the most cheers at Senior Night. He is the talented player who makes it possible to bring in others who are 1-year or 2-year players to make your team championship material. These types of players bring annual success along the lines of regional championships and Final Fours without the annual turnover (see KY). Dont' get fooled by the number beside the name on the recruiting list. But, be happy if you see his name and number in an Allen Fieldhouse program for four years.

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