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dannylandulf (Daniel Kennamore) says...

May not be a popular opinion but I think the players should have to give a cut of their NBA cash to schools they caused to be hit with NCAA sanctions. And that cut should be large enough to hurt. Say 80% of their income per year for each year of remaining college eligibility.

dannylandulf (Daniel Kennamore) says...

"These types of losses frustrate, linger and fester. But eventually the mental wounds begin to heal, and when that happens they can fuel players, too."

Do they though? We had no less than 5 of these types of blowout losses to inferior teams this season, and not once did we see any sort of ability to learn from them. Huge games with the streak on the line and they just collapsed over and over.

The icing on that cake was when we were finally mathematically eliminated from continuing the streak and the players literally said it wasn't even something they thought about.

This team is just weak and lacking any sort of pride. Shots not falling? Just give up, over and over. The crowd against you? Fold like a cheap suit.

The players didn't care and it showed.

I've been watching KU basketball for decades now and this was easily the softest mentally...and the scary thing is that we don't have any decent talent lined up to replace them for next year.

dannylandulf (Daniel Kennamore) says...


To answer your question, nope.

I spent more then my fair share of time following KU sports and I didn't even know there was a QB battle. I gave up on this program last year. Once our new AD gives Beaty the boot he should have gotten last season I'll consider paying attention again.

dannylandulf (Daniel Kennamore) says...

I'd be fine with that kind of figure as long as it's tied to performance. Football program posting .500 season records within 5 years, etc.

dannylandulf (Daniel Kennamore) says...

So, when we get blown out by them 42-6 in week two...can we fire Beaty then or do we have to wait until December?

dannylandulf (Daniel Kennamore) says...

Also something key to note about the difference in the Bridges case:

The impermissible benefit was the cost of a single meal...not possibly thousands of dollars like De Sousa.

dannylandulf (Daniel Kennamore) says...

Shannon, the NCAA can and will make decisions well before the investigation concludes.

They already ruled on Bridges at Michigan State based on the first release of info about this investigation.

dannylandulf (Daniel Kennamore) says...

"What would you ask from the families in the suit?"

Don't do things that screw over a program you agreed to join. I don't think that's too much to ask.

And if they do, any revenue we have to give up for the FF trip as well as the same amount as a FF trip if there is a post-season ban is the minimum we should sue them for.

The KUAD, as you point out, is a multi-million dollar organization...so punitive damages to the brand could also justifiably reach millions of dollars.

And that's what they should do. The price tag on the fines for doing this to a school should be enough to cause even multi-millionaires to feel the pain of it.

dannylandulf (Daniel Kennamore) says...

Multiple wrongs don't make a right.

dannylandulf (Daniel Kennamore) says...

After we still took them despite their behavior?


Good riddance if they leave then.