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bragill1978 (Adam James) says...

Isaac McBride is gonna turn heads when he arrives on campus. He is blue collar and doesn't have all the fan fair like these other guys. No expectations and he will surprise the fans.

bragill1978 (Adam James) says...

My prediction is a team will get a share or win outright with 6 losses. 2019 Final B12 standings: 15 in a row......

Kansas: 12-6 (loss at Tech & TCU)
Iowa State: 12-6
K-State: 12-6
Texas Tech 11-7
Baylor: 11-7
Texas: 10-8

bragill1978 (Adam James) says...

So much of what Self is saying in regards to DeSousa and if he is ready to make an impact is just protecting him and keeping fan/media expectations in check. I have no question he will be ready. It will just take a game or two to get his game legs back. Players that can play will be ready.

Quick practical example from this season:
It did not take long for Ochai to get ready and in the flow and he had zero game experience. To be honest, I'm a bit baffled by our coaching staff with our roster.
It's always difficult to project how someone will perform against a high level of competition, but I'm frustrated that our coaching staff put a redshirt on Ochai. After a summer and entire pre-season and comments from Self that Ocahi is probably their most athletic guy, why in the world did we want to redshirt him. Even with Udoka, you're telling me that our coaching staff didn't see his overall game being better than Moore, KJ, Vick, Dotson, Garrett, Grimes. Some of these guys have parts that are better, but Ochai does so many things well. In my opinion, the only potential argument here would be Grimes as he was such a high profile recruit and projections where high for him.
If we get DeSousa back I think our lineup is pretty solid and if Vick is not engaged then Garrett gets the start.


bragill1978 (Adam James) says...

I'm frustrated that Self and Cal think the timing is bad. Come on guys. They both need to hear the Dan Hawkins speech. "It's Division 1 football, It's the Big 12" Come on guys. This is the highest level of college sports. This is why kids come to Kansas and UK and what the fans love as well. My wife always gives me a hard time that I am so committed to watching every single KU game and its because each season there are not many games. Heck, even HS and AAU circuit these kids play more games. I understand that the level of intensity is much higher at college as I was a D1 college athlete myself, but there is also a great deal of rest time. With the exception of tournaments, teams play a max of twice a week. Come on guys! You could make the argument you want to play and easy team to get guys playing time and experience, but those games are a mirage. What does it tell you about a player that plays well against a weak team? I need to see you against good competition to see if you are ready. This is another game on the schedule. Another opportunity to compete, to develop in a tough environment, to learn something about ourselves, to face some adversity. As self says "don't be so soft". Let's embrace this and go get those Cats! RCJH!!

bragill1978 (Adam James) says...

There is no way around it, that was a bad loss. Coach Self will re-group the guys and we will recover. We need to have a short memory and get ready for the Cyclones.

bragill1978 (Adam James) says...

It's still early, but I think Silvio is a huge piece to a National Championship run. He is a rebounding machine. I personally think that he is our next best big guy after Dok. Lawson is very skilled, but is going to be a non factor against high pressure athletic guys as his athletic movements are too slow. If he gets cleared I think our core guys should be:

Dok- Lightfoot - McCormack

DeSousa- Ded.Lawson

Vik- K.J.Lawson

Q- Garrett

Dotson- Moore

bragill1978 (Adam James) says...

Vick is done as a Jayhawk as the junior year is always the cut off point. The only reason a player would stay the additional year is to get their degree. Guys like Svi and Graham are great examples of this. Greene, Selden are similar to Vick in this regard. In this case Vick is not interested in getting the degree and going to class. He would much rather play oversees if he doesn't get drafted. If we get Langford, I think we will roll out this line-up.

Dotson (Moore)
Langford (Garrett)
Grimes (KJ, Cuncliffe)
Lawson (DeSousa, Lightfoot-redshirt)
Doke (McCormack)

bragill1978 (Adam James) says...

Oakville...... I'll match your predictions and say Jan. 20 is when it all goes down. We get Preston and DeSousa for the Baylor game and Zion Williamson commits. RCJH!

bragill1978 (Adam James) says...

Self has a short leash with players that are simply not ready. If you are ready, you will play and be allowed to play through some mistakes. The coaching staff sees these guys day in and day out and they know exactly what their limitations are. If DeSousa gets cleared and is ready he will play. If he's not (similar to Diallo) we will continue to scrap with our guard orientated lineup. With Preston, we know he is ready and he will be integrated with the green light.

bragill1978 (Adam James) says...

Good win by the Hawks last night. Newman will continue to improve and we will get a big boost when/if we get Preston or DeSousa. Not trying to be a downer, but I think for this team to reach the Final 4 there are a few areas we need to somehow overcome to take the next step. The coaching staff is obviously trying to address these, but the question for the Jayhawks is: Even if/when we get a big guy, will we be able to significantly address the issues below.

Passing: We move the ball well at times, but outside of Devonte we don't have guys that find each other for easy looks while attacking off the dribble.

Defense: On ball defending. This will improve slightly as we will have some more rim protection, but our guards are not great defenders.

Rebounding: This will improve a bunch with another big guy, but will Preston and DeSousa have enough time to really make a difference in this area.

Finishing in the lane: Bottom line we either dunk the ball or shoot a three. This will improve slightly with a big guy, but our guards are not great finishing while attacking the paint.

I think we can overcome the Passing and finishing in the lane, but it will be interesting to see if our Defense and Rebounding make a big enough jump to make us a force. If we can make this jump we will be a legit FF team. If not, we will still be a tough out in March, but our margin for error will be paper thin. It's going to be exciting to see how it plays out and hope we all can enjoy the next 3 months.