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OakvilleJHawk (Tony Bandle) says...

Keith... UK?, at Colorado?, USC?, Missouri? [they always play out of their asses against us], SFA?, either Georgetown, at UCLA or Virginia?.....if we get through this schedule 12-0, I'll buy you a keg of beer at The Wheel!! :]

PS That is if we even get to play basketball in 2020. Don't be surprised if the Power Conferences end up like the football teams and play only conference games....just say'n.

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OakvilleJHawk (Tony Bandle) says...

Honestly..and I'm hope I'm wrong..but I just can't see the NHL and the NBA finishing their seasons and MLB starting it's season. The NFL will start it's season and fatalities be damned!!

OakvilleJHawk (Tony Bandle) says...

Random Thoughts:

1] Naismith, the inventor of the game.

2] Allen, the inventor of modern coaching.

3] Chamberlain, the most dominating male player.

4] Woodward, the most dominating female player.

5] I think we need to look at this list as a full spectrum of KU basketball and to ignore the women's program would be an injustice.The great thing is Kansas has so many deserving alumni to consider for this list, it is a gratifying list to consider!!

OakvilleJHawk (Tony Bandle) says...

I'm with Dane... just like their predecessor, Jaybate, someone to stir the pot keeps it interesting. Heck, even ginger cookies have a little Chili powder in them!!

PS Too bad they ran out of money and didn't get the fifth president on Rushmore..I forget who it was, but five would have made this much easier!! :).

OakvilleJHawk (Tony Bandle) says...

Maybe you should talk to the 120,000 plus families who had to bury a loved one because of this "hoax"!

OakvilleJHawk (Tony Bandle) says...

Did Brett McCabe get banned from this site? I can't believe he hasn't weighed in by now regarding his favorite coach?? :)

OakvilleJHawk (Tony Bandle) says...

Every team in any sport needs a guy named "Juju" !!! The possibilities for stellar headlines are endless.....Juju-jams, juju-jukes, Juju-jumps, etc.

OakvilleJHawk (Tony Bandle) says...

All I know is that Wilt used to decide before the season started what stat category he would lead the league for that season, whether it be scoring or rebounding or blocked shots or even assists....then he would do it!!

And talking about athleticism, numerous experts in the sport of volleyball say Wilt was, and still to this day, remains the greatest volleyball player whoever walked the face of this planet!!!

Not to have Wilt in the top three is a joke!!

OakvilleJHawk (Tony Bandle) says...

Gee, as the omniscient observer, it used to be so much easier to like everybody on this site...or, at least, to respect their comments.

Awww...I still like all of you.

Maybe it won't hurt to feel some positive vibes being sent your way. Take care, stay healthy and help others. Always be humble and kind...and don't forget the sun block!!

OakvilleJHawk (Tony Bandle) says...

Matt....whatever they are paying you, they better double it!! What ever sports was in the past, has been changed...maybe forever. And that includes sports reporting!!