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KUFanMinneapolis (Chad Smith) says...

We need to stay doubted and underrated. We play better with the chip on our shoulder circa 2012. That team was very unimpressive in the first 3 rounds of the ncaa tournament, but managed to get to the title game.

We dont need hype, we need motivation, and being undervalued will resonate with our players. rock chalk

KUFanMinneapolis (Chad Smith) says...

I will have to watch some Clemson games on YouTube as admittedly I am not very familiar with them this season. I have a feeling if Udoka is back closer to 100%, I have to like our chances no matter who we play.

Kansas has yet to put together a complete game in the Tourney so far. That is a pro/con situation as our margin for error decreases with each round. But overall it's encouraging to believe that our best games are in front of us and not behind us.

If you subscribe to the kenpom stats, these teams are inverse of each other, with Clemson being top 10 defensively and lower 40 offensively and Kansas the opposite being 5th offensively and 46th defensively.

I think it's clear our defensive rebounding is still awful and penetration defense is suspect at times. We've offset that with good passing, good shooting and honestly not piling up fouls at a rapid pace.

We can deep dive more, but the home court advantage will be substantial and important and as long as Kansas doesn't fall behind by more than 10 points, I think they can win every game. Their record this season in close games(9-2 in games decided by 5 points or fewer) is fantastic and newman really stepped up in free throw crunch time. I loved his confidence.

It's March, anything can happen, but I think our squad has as good a chance as anyone.

rock chalk!

KUFanMinneapolis (Chad Smith) says...

You can say KU got lucky, but carrington didn't miss a shot the last 4 minutes of the game. Without him, Seton Hall loses by 10 points easy. Both teams had some fortunate plays in my mind. In march, all that matters is being ahead of the other team when the clock hits zero. rock chalk jayhawk

KUFanMinneapolis (Chad Smith) says...

Main difference between this and embiid is embiid was a season ending injury and now looking back very serious injury as he is finally fully recovered and killing it in the NBA.

Dok is still out there playing, embiid had no shot and we knew that in 2014. If we manage to win saturday dok will be fully healthy by next weekend to be a difference maker.

KUFanMinneapolis (Chad Smith) says...

Yes the holy cross game was close. However, one minor detail our all-American point guard and leader of team got injured in the first half( Kirk Hinrich) and we only had a very young inexperienced PG (Aaron Miles) to back him up.

Still, Penn does look like a tougher 16 than most. But than again, they have played one team in the top 25 this season ( Villanova) and lost by 28 points. It's easy to have inflated stats against lesser competition. Their 3 point defense doesn't scare me as much as people are claiming it. Newman, Svi, and Graham can all get to the basket if they really wanna hover on the perimeter that much. Plus Silvio and Lightfoot will present matchup problems for them as their tallest player is 6'7" or so.

Really my concern is us on the defensive end. We have bad defensive stats, especially for a Bill Self club. Adjusted defensive efficiency we rank 46th per Other championship caliber teams rank high in both offense and defense typically. Michigan State for example is 9th in both categories.

Playing defense against an unorthodox offense we really haven't played all season concerns me. We should be able to outscore them easily, but down the road, our defensive woes may catch up to us.

Just take care of the ball and play with purpose and passion, we should be fine for this one.

rock chalk

KUFanMinneapolis (Chad Smith) says...

probably right, but really I see this as a great opportunity for our other frontcourt players to step up and get some meaningful minutes against whoever play as both OU and OSU both need victories right now for their respective resumes.

KUFanMinneapolis (Chad Smith) says...

YIKES. Well hopefully he can come back for NCAA's. Or maybe we can sneak out a 1st round win and he can come back for round 2. Geez, this is not good.

I'm usually more optimistic, but I can't really see us going far without him this season.

KUFanMinneapolis (Chad Smith) says...

I too have looked at Silvio and udoka on the floor at the same time. According to what people are saying, it's ugly in practice. But I don't see why trying for a couple minutes during the Big 12 tournament would be a bad thing. What makes it so bad? Just very curious. Probably won't ever find out the answer to that question until next year. Then again, our frontcourt will be monstrous next season with de sousa, hopefully dok, lightfoot, McCormack and the Lawson twins. We will not be a perimeter oriented team next season. But will still have great talent on the perimeter with garrett, hopefully newman, Dotson, grimes, (I'm counting on either vick or cunliffe or both being gone potentially). Should be a 9 man rotation with Lawson twins playing wing roles.

KUFanMinneapolis (Chad Smith) says...

Bottom line we need both Vick and Garrett to step up come tournament time. Vick can still be explosive to the rim and go get boards and play good defense. If he can do what he excels at then we will be fine. 10 points a game isn't crazy. Knock down a couple 3's, put back a couple buckets or score on lobs and/or transition. We need to find that transition game and get that going again. That's where he is best utilized. Though admittedly, in order to be a better transition team, we have to defensive rebound much better. I had proposed the idea of silvio and udoka on the floor together in spurts. Could be good for our interior defense and rebounding for stretches. I know it takes away an perimeter offensive option, but we already have newman, graham, svi and vick for that. We need tougher play inside in the paint. Garrett has actually had a pretty good freshman season and plays great off the bench. Long story longer, we need vick and garrett to step up in the tourney.

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KUFanMinneapolis (Chad Smith) says...

Texas Tech has to play at WVU and OSU. That could easily be two losses. One game at a time folks. We have WVU and OU here in the next 3 days. The good thing is we have experience and a winning pedigree with the best coach in the Big 12. Udoka is starting to play really well. He needs to keep fouls down, but otherwise he is becoming unstoppable in the post on offense. We need better on the ball defense from our perimeter players, but we still have time. Some good home showings the next two games would be do wonders for the confidence.

The road to the title still goes through Lawrence. Time to really dig in. These next couple weeks are exciting. rock chalk