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This is very exciting for Jayhawk nation. Congratulations to you Kelsie, and also to Anise and Taylor. The three of you are representing KU in the finest fashion. Looking forward to a great season and this year we will take the championship. RCJH

I too, wish you were on television a great deal more.

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Didn't the article indicate it was a unanimous vote to move forward?

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Remember something from this past week saying he was a good student. He maintained a "B" average in high school, how that transferred to college I can't say. He seems to be pretty intelligent regarding how he had responded to press questions.

I believe all the players go to summer school so they don't have to take such a head load during the academic year. All recruits have been coming in the summer, most for both sessions and other for simply the second session. I think this is part of Self's plan in getting them acclimated to the college environment and also give them an opportunity to learn something about how things will go once practices really start.

I would think if he were having academic problems Self would not have pursued; additionally, I think it only rational to believe if academics is a problem, he would have gone overseas to avoid that problem, if it in fact existed.

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UConn did not fade, KU pushed them back. UConn has a record of coming back as they did to make it to the 2nd round. This was an excellent KU win.

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It amazes me sometimes to read comments that seem to indicate that the writer is more familiar with the good and bad of all the players on the KU team. To definitively state that " he doesn't trust his reserves to come in and do the job, which they are perfectly capable of doing" seems to indicate that the writer spends as much time with the players as the coaches do, including the head coach, and can state with certainty that Self purposefully does not use players who could be making significant contributions to the team. It has been frustrating that as fans we expect the team to get further than the 2nd round each year in the NCAA tournament and when it doesn't happen that is Self's fault. The buck does stop with Self but I think when one considers the total body of work, KU/Self has been more successful over the years as any other college team/coach. And being around sports, particularly team sports, the coaches can only do so much, it is the players who must execute and there comes times when the players do not and when they do not if is often the coach who receives the blame.
As a player, you get playing time by performing in practice, evidently those players not getting considerable playing time have not proven in practice they are ready to do the things that Self requires of them in a game and when given the opportunity in a game and they make "one" mistake and are headed back to the bench, maybe it is because they are demonstrating behaviors that are constantly evident in practice and how long do you let them continue doing the same thing in a game.
I expected the team to come out flat but the fact they came out flat and still won the game by 27, with 6 players in double figures says something about how the players were used and how Self coaches.

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Excellent start to the track season. Keep up the good work. Incredible to win the 4/400 by 5 seconds, that's 40 yes, simple incredible.

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Sometimes I am amused at what happens on this board and other times I wonder who are you folks. A coach makes decisions not based on solely what we as fans see during games but on what the players do at practice and the games. Obviously we don't know what happens at practice, since they are closed, but I would guarantee you that what happens regarding playing time is predicated greatly on what happens in practice.

How many championships did Roy win when he was the coach of KU? How many coaches are out there now who have been deemed as the greatest thing since...who are without a Nat'l Championship and definitely have not won 11 straight league championships?

There is big money in coaching, whether at the college or pro level and I would be willing to bet that none on this board is making the kind of money available to those coaches but so many seem to know more than CS. It simply amazes me that we have so much basketball genius that is going to waste.

When I think about the BG situation I can't imagine parents being called into the situation unless Brannen was being totally unreasonable and needed to be calmed down because he was not being rational in his argument. And as others have stated, I cannot imagine an employee taking on his boss in front of all the other employees with the expectation that the employee would have a job the next day. Others have indicated that the more rational approach would have been for Brannen to speak privately with the coach, express his feelings and provide the coach with valid reasons as to why he thinks he should get more playing time, not simply because "I can shoot the three." Believe it or not their are quite a few people who can shoot the three but that is all they do and they find themselves on the bench, if in basketball at all.

The coach coaches and if things are not happening on the floor that means the team is not executing, it isn't necessarily that the coach is providing them with the right plays, the team needs to execute and I would be willing to bet, the players on the floor or the players who execute, in practice and in the games, to the coaches satisfaction. It is easy to play Monday morning quarterback and find all kinds of things wrong when you have half of the information but think you know it all.

One last thought, it is November and I think the team has a great nucleus and they will figure it out. I don't think CS is so stubborn that he will let his ego prevent him from making changes that will improve the team's chances at success and I believe anyone who thinks otherwise is living in an alternate universe.

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Jack, you have said everything that needs to be said.

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Thank god someone read the article. Evidence was withheld and if what the lawyer is saying is true, that evidence would indicate they had nothing to do with the assault. Someone trying to take advantage of the fact they were in the vicinity, trying to make a quick buck.
Based on what we know now, it appears the person who brought the charges and the DA are the ones who should be ridiculed and not the twins.

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I was puzzled by the foul on Selden but moreso as to why we were not given the ball as a result of an intentional foul. Did I miss the explanation for that? When Selden made the intentional, the shooter was given two shots and Serbia was given the ball. What was the difference...because it was in the last minute or what?