Big 12 track and field championships at Rock Chalk Park

The Big 12 track and field championships will take place Friday through Sunday at Rock Chalk Park. The meet gets underway Friday at 11 a.m. with decathletes competing in the 100-meter dash and concludes Sunday night with team-championship presentations.



Kansas long jumper Sydney Conley gets airborne as she soars toward the pit during the ...

Nick Krug

KU is the host school for the first time since the Big Eight outdoor meet in 1994.

The men’s team’s national ranking of 14 is the highest heading into the conference championship meet since the current ranking format came into place in 2008. The KU men placed second in the 2017 indoor championships and the 2016 outdoor meet.

The Kansas women can make it six consecutive years finishing in the top four.

Six KU athletes enter the meet with the best marks of any Big 12 athletes this season: Sharon Lokedi in the 10,000 meters, Sydney Conley in the long jump, Hussain Al Hizam and Jake Albright in the pole vault, Mitch Cooper in the discus and Gleb Dudarev in the hammer throw.


John Brazelton

KU track coverage has fallen off the radar screen at the Lawrence Journal World. Even during a couple of down years, KU always has a couple of really good athletes. Doesn't anyone on the LJW's staff follow the sport anymore?

1 year, 10 months ago


Stephen Burtin

I agree, but in their defense, there have been a few articles, especially when the events were taking place downtown. If more fans like you start clicking on these articles, they will start writing more of them.

It's up to us as fans to show them what we find important and, unfortunately, KU track and field doesn't get much discussion around the water cooler even though the KU women's track team delivered our most recent championship in 2013.

1 year, 10 months ago


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